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participates in
The Festival of Dreams
August 25th-27th
Halvorsen Park, Eureka

Wigi Dome

A Sound Sensory Experience

Animals of the Humboldt Bay

Hello World! 
Our team of local Humboldt artists and educators has come together to bring you the WIGI Dome! A relaxing sound bath experience, using surround sound to introduce the noises of Humboldt Bay animals, including whales, otters, and sea lions, to our audience mixed into a tranquil ambient track. Sound-activated ocean-themed lights immerse you in the experience. Make yourself comfortable on the floor, close your eyes, and float into the Humboldt Bay. The dome supports comfort and resting with crochet animals and ocean theme decoration. Educational pamphlets and signs teach our audience about local marine biology and Humboldt history. 

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Meet the Team

Our team consists of unique professionals that work hard to support their vision of a brighter future for our youth and a supportive culture for adults in our community. 

Crowd Funding for this project is through Go Fund Me, This helps pay for the Educational speakers, couch-size Pacific octopus, lighting,Dj mix, educators and much more to make this a relaxing and educational experience for your family, friends and community to enjoy. 

Are you interested in being a part of the WIGI Dome?Please join us. We need volunteers to create art for the WIGI dome and join our team at events for the build, set up, watch, and tear down. If you are an artist and want to display art in the WIGI dome, please get in touch with us! Donation pieces are appreciated! If you want to teach an educational workshop on marine biology, forestry, wildlife, or Humboldt history, please connect with us! 

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